Saturday, September 23, 2006

family photo

family photo, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
OK, so yesterday was awesome! I think it marks the first time the five of us have done something as a family in several years. Unfortunately my brother's wife and son, and my sister's husband weren't able to join us, but yesterday, we were a family.

As we went through the day, I kept thinking about how much has changed in our lives, and yet, with all of the changes, we are still family.

I think my mom may have felt like the Williams branch of the papparozzi were on the loose yesterday. Between us I imagine we took over 100 pictures.

But, when it has been at least seven years since all of us have been in the same place, I think we all run with the realization that moments like this are precious.

And pictures like this are precious too. I hope you enjoy it. And I also hope you take time to enjoy your family when you are given those rare opportunities of time together!


Pam's Place said...

What a great and loving photo! Your mom looks good. I hope she continues to tolerate the treatments and will soon be cancer free! It's wise for all of you to join together and show your love and honor for your parents.
May God richly bless you.
In Christ

Jenni said...

That's an awesome picture! I understand the importance of enjoying family because my baby brother just got engaged this weekend and now our whole family dynamic will change :)