Friday, September 15, 2006

WVU v Maryland

WVU v Maryland, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
What a beautiful sight! Mountaineer field all aglow, and Maryland getting beaten badly on national television.

I love this state, and I really enjoy West Virginia sports. Football season affords me an opportunity to connect with many of my friends that I wouldn't see any other time.

There is something about this place that is magical. There is something electric about the space. I just heard that William "Refridgerator" Perry said that this stadium is one of the most exciting places he's ever played.

There's something about seeing people united for a cause that is just exhilirating.

But today, the stand is empty, and the lights are off. Many are recovering from excessive celebration last night. Almost all are returning to some degree of "normalcy" with their lives. We forget, and we fall into routine.

What keeps you motivated when the lights are off, and the stand is empty? How do you stay faithful to the cause?

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