Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Where I Used to Get My Game On

Where I Used to Kick It, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
As we walked around Parkersburg today, we walked by an old basketball court at the city park. I used to play basketball here every day as soon as school let out. I would play until dinner time, or dark, whichever came first.

I like the way this photo turned out.

I remember playing 33 with Willie here a few years ago. He beat me. He reminded me as we walked along today. My dad got a kick out of that.

Do you have any old stomping grounds where you used to do things? It's good to go back to those places from time to time and see how they have changed or remained the same.

Parkersburg has changed alot, but this court hasn't changed all that much. It's a beautiful park. It's just a shame nobody really uses it to play basketball anymore.

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A/C (so delicious) said...

I've played in this park once or twice in the heyday of my youth. Nice facility, albeit inadequate to accommodate my traveling exhibition of basketball mastery. Shake n' bake!