Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Secret Hideaway

Secret Hideaway, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
I am always taken aback by this sight when I stumble upon it at Cooper's Rock. After climbing and crawling through narrow channels in the rocks, all of a sudden the rocks give way to this open space. It is such a pronounced change in the atmosphere that it always gives me a feeling of discovery when I see it.

Have you ever experienced this "openness" when you walk into a space?

I think these spaces function like natural cathedrals. They point us upward and make us realize that the world, and the Creator are much bigger than we imagine them to be.

Big spaces can be intimidating, or they can be comforting. I am not sure what leads one to perceive things in these different ways, but there is something that embraces you in the comforting spaces, and there is something that seems to be cold and unwelcoming in the intimidating spaces.

Have you ever discovered a comforting secret hideaway in your journeys through wilderness?

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