Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Willie Rising from the Grave

Strange things happen when Willie comes around. Here we were in a cemetary where Willie found his tombstone. It says that he died like 4 years ago. Boy were we surprised!

Here he is, rising from the grave. What a rare image indeed!

(by the way, for all of those people who say willie is a figment of my imagination, there he is--alive and well!!!)


alyson1derland said...

yep, there is his. alive and real. real FAKE!!! oh, and that actor you hired to play willie? i mean, come on billy! i saw that same dude in harold and kumar go to white castle!!

len said...

you can see that the mason's square and compass is engraved on the tombstone in the top left corner, so obviously willie has decended from the great god-man race left behind from jesus and mary magdelene. no wonder he's rising from the dead. hey that's a great idea! i think i'll write a book about it...