Monday, November 21, 2005


Yesterday morning a group of us from the Zolder, and a few locals joined together to play a little football. Well, european football. Soccer.

It was pretty funny. We had enough to play 6 on 6, and all morning and afternoon while we played, we were being photographed by people who were out walking. We played on the museumplein. It is a large grassy area which is surrounded by one of the most popular concert halls in the world along with the royal museum of amsterdam, and the vincent van gogh museum.

The people who played were americans from the church and our team, an austrian, a german, an italian, and a british guy, an asian, and a couple of locals.

The italian guy just came out and joined us, and gave us a reason to keep playing. His name is Francesco, and we were able to invite him, and some of the others to the zolder zondag nacht. (sunday night) Aaron saw him watching us play, and so he walked over and invited him to join in the game.

Francesco didn't come to the zolder that night--he told us he was an athiest. Then he corrected himself and said he believed in god, but it was his own god. He had been travelling in Amsterdam on "holiday" (vacation) for three weeks, and we were the first people he met that showed such kindness to him. We are hopeful to get a phone call from him before he leaves, but the cool thing about our short interaction is that he knows we are Christians. He knows that we cared for one another, and for him, and he thanked us two or three times for making his morning very special, and the best time he has had in amsterdam.

Pray for Francesco, and pray for more opportunities to communicate the great love God has for humanity.

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