Sunday, November 06, 2005

Being a bonehead

I was just thinking this morning about some of the cool people I have met and taken classes under in the last three years, and I just realized--I should have gotten my pictures taken with them. Those are cool memories, and pictures are great ways to capture memories.

I take my camera almost everywhere, and I forget to take pictures in most of those places. I need to really work on that one.

This past week, I had a class with Alister McGrath, and last summer I was able to hang out with Graham Tomlin and Dallas Willard. I would have loved to have gotten a picture with them.

I could remember and reflect upon lessons learned and experiences gained through and since those courses more easily perhaps with the supplement of a photo.

My roommate nic takes some awesome photos--I look forward to the time he gets a digital camera so the world might see his skill.

What are some cool experiences you've had, that you haven't recorded in some way?

In my experience, recording those experiences helps to seal them in my memory.

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High end Man. said...

High End Man says,
I know exactly what u mean...
One night at a friends house who should i happen upon? , and no camera anywhere.It may seem hard to believe ,but here is the list.
John Lennon
Keith Moon
Bob Marley
Chritine Bell
The Agga Khan, And no @#$% camera... Well ,I guess you will just have to take my word for it. Wait, I rode over with George Harrison , he can verify my story... teehee!!! teehee!!!