Thursday, November 24, 2005

Andrew and Pete

These are the names of two of Jesus' disciples.

They are also the names of two gentlemen I talked to in the red light district Tuesday. They were from Britain and in their fourties. They had come to Amsterdam on "holiday" as many do. They had gotten separated from each other when I befriended andrew. Actually, I think Pete may have been procuring the services of one of the prostitutes in the area. It is the only thing I can think of that would have left these two friends separated in the city.

Andrew told me that he had bought himself some tobacco and "some other stuff" and was looking to have a good time while in Amsterdam.

He thought I was in my early twenties, and that I was an "american spoiled brat kid sent to europe for an education", I assured him that it wasn't why I was here.

I asked him about Jesus and faith, and he told me he had thought about "turning to Jesus", but had reservations. He couldn't understand how God could have taken away his brother and father. Andrew began to weep as he told me this. It was just him and his mum and sister now. I told him I didn't know the answer to that question, but that God was good, and that He loved Andrew very much.

I then told him that I was in Amsterdam to tell people about how they could turn to Jesus, and even tell about my own story of turning to Jesus. He asked me "Are you a Bible Basher?" I assured him that I had never bashed a Bible in my life. He asked if I was religious, and I told him no, but Jesus has definitely changed my life--and he wants to change yours as well.

Just then Pete sat down with us, and we continued the conversation for a bit. I asked Pete if he had ever considered turning to Jesus. He told me that he belonged to the scripture union in scotland when he was younger, but that something had happened to turn him away from God.

It was clear that Pete was much more uncomfortable with the conversation than Andrew, and he assured me that they had to leave, they had to get going.

I can't help but think that our twenty minute conversation on a bridge in the red light district will be a life defining moment for them both. They will probably remember it more than they will remember any other event during their time here in amsterdam.

As they left, I saw them make haste through the crowded street and it looked like they were still talking about our conversation as they went out of sight.

Pray for them. I am convinced that God has His hand on both of them, and that our conversation was a very significant moment. I believe they are both going to turn to Jesus soon--and I'm glad God let me be part of reminding them about his love.

As they went out of sight, I said that no matter where they went in the city or the world, God still loves them, and Jesus still loves them--no matter what they've done, they can turn to Jesus.

No matter what we've done, we can turn to Jesus. Remember that as the holiday season is upon us. You can turn to Jesus no matter what. No matter what.

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nic said...

sounds like this year things are more familiar and you are better able to be out and talking to others that is awesome guess i will have to come again I have been blessed by reading about all you have been doing over there contiued blessings and prayers. Oh and happy Turkeyday you crazy indian. much love bro