Monday, November 28, 2005

Cycling in Nederlands

Well, a trip to netherlands wouldn't be complete without riding a bike in the city. Tuesday night, after the red light district, and dinner at todds, I rode "amsterdam style" on the back of todds bicycle. We went across town with me on the rack on back.

Later in the week, I did the same thing with melissa. It was with melissa that I was able to successfully attempt the running jump onto the back of the bike. This is said to be a dangerous feat, but I like a little danger from time to time.

What is really cool about the city is that Bikes have their own lanes, and their own traffic signals, and it even appears they have their own right of way across busy streets.

Dutch people typically aren't obese--maybe its from all of the cycling that happens in the city of bicycles.

Riding a bike in 30-40 degree weather is cold, but also invigorating. I'm glad that my friends allowed me the privilege of riding in this style.

I also was able to borrow a bike to ride to the grocery store on Sunday to purchase gifts.

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