Saturday, November 19, 2005

From Dulles to Schipol

Well, Thursday evening we boarded a plane to head to Amsterdam. We left a little early to get to dulles, and gave ourselves 3.5-4hrs to catch our flight. The irony in leaving so early is that none of us are known for this quality, and yet, I felt like we should err on the safe side. DC traffic can be a real bear (I believe it has the second worse traffic problem in the US), and we didn't want to get caught in early rush hour.

We made a wise choice. The we arrived at our gate just before boarding started, and so we had time for one last minute phone call and a bathroom break. We had a bit of a scare while standing in line too, because there was some baggage that someone left unattended that we called securities attention to. It ended up not being a big deal, but we were all a little concerned about these two random bags in the middle of the line at the international baggage check in.

We did make it to our plane though, and as our altitude increased, our minds moved on to preparation for the mission, and beginning to relax. I read a book on Amsterdam during the flight, and started another book about staying focussed on the really important things in ministry. My TV didn't work on the plane, so instead of watching a bunch of movies I read--I think it was worthwhile--but I would have liked checking out the movies. I haven't watched a movie in a while.

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