Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Last week was much more packed than I expected, and this current week as allowed minimal downtime for reflection and writing. But, I had a window to share some of what has been happening in my world recently.

Mostly I have been feeling a bit of a crunch because much of this month has me travelling. I am currently in Orlando, FL on one of the soundstages at Disney's MGM Studios. That's right--you had thought it might be the case, and it's true--I'm a star.

Seriously, I am taking a class on Faith and Science and it is being recorded on one of Disney's soundstages. There is this big empty room (8000 square feet) and in the middle of it is our "classroom". Dr. Alister McGrath is our professor, and he is the former principle of wycliffe hall in Oxford (this guy is really smart--he has a PhD in both Molecular Biophysics and Theology).

I still need to upload some pics from vacation and other cool events, but that may have to wait until later in the week.

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Beth said...

I love to listen to Allister!