Wednesday, November 02, 2005

MGM Studios

A convergence of worlds is taking place before my eyes. I feel a bit like Neo in the matrix.

While on the soundstage at MGM, I can look out a window in our lobby and see 100s of tourists walk by each day. I wonder if they even know we are inside the facility recording this theology class?

It's like I can completely see their world through the windows, but they have no clue about mine. Maybe it's like the old testament prophet and his assistant who saw the spiritual reality of the armies of the Lord while everyone else's eyes were oblivious to this reality.

There is also another humorous consideration to being on this set. In the same building as us, the "who wants to be a millionaire" attraction is bringing in droves of tourists. As we come out of the doors of our soundstage, I can't help but wonder if they think we are celebrities. I'm actually tempted to go over to these people being held behind a rope and sign some autographs just for giggles.

It makes me wonder about the perceptions we carry about others--what are legimate, and what are not? It also makes me wonder about our awareness. What events are transpiring around us that we are entirely oblivious to. What is happening just outside your house right now--what's happening next door, or across town that would shock us or thrill us?

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Ryan Huffman said...

I sometimes think about this Billy. Wanting to know what's happening in "another world." A feeling like "What if I miss something?" or "If I'd only been in the right place at the right time." Like in the scenario of meeting a celebrity, which don't get me wrong would be awesome, but when dealing with us, essentially it all comes down to what is important: the human heart. And the choices it makes; where its devotion lies. Whether or not I meet Harrison Ford in my life will never have an effect on my devotion to God and my eternal destiny. Those are the ones that are right and make sense. Does that make sense? Might not even be what you were meaning.