Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mom After Dose #4

Mom during dosing, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
Well, Mom has gone through over half of her chemotherapy and she is doing GREAT!!! The dosing takes a long time, but yesterday I believe was a record, and she was able to leave the cancer center before 4PM. That never happens. She was done with everything in around 6 hours, and, although it was a long day, we are all getting a little more accustomed to the longevity of it. Mind you, it is not the kind of thing anyone ever wants to get comfortable with, but we are all going through it together.

When I took this picture, Mom was knitting two washcloths at the same time. My mom and dad are both skilled artisans. Dad can build unlike anybody I have ever seen, and Mom can make some really beautiful crochetwork, quilts and knitting. These two can do pretty much anything (kind of wonder sometimes what latent skill I might have!).

Even though it has been a really hard time for all of us, we are getting through this trial together. If anything, we are growing in our love for one another, and in our trust in the love and mercy of King Jesus.

Isn't Mom beautiful! I'm so proud of her, and she is overcoming!!!


Ryan Huffman said...

Awesome stuff, my friend, awesome stuff.

C Williams, brother said...

Good to see you were able to be there with her again. Thanks for the direct support.

And yes, she looks fantastic!