Friday, October 27, 2006

Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
I love autumn. Actually there are aspects of every season that I enjoy. Last fall I had the privilege of travelling to Niagara with my parents. I really enjoy trips like this because I drive and they can relax and have a vacation. It's like paying them back for all of the years I whined about going to the bathroom, or I kept crying out at five minute intervals, "How much further?"

So we travelled to western New York upon returning from Niagara. We toured around a couple of the finger lakes, and during that venture we stopped in this place called Watkins Glen. I don't know anything really about how the park came about, but my dad and I hiked up Watkins Glen, and saw 13 waterfalls trickling through this glen.

It's nice to spend time with family, and close friends. More than the places we saw, my memories go back to the people I enjoyed the place with, my mom and dad.

I'm in parkersburg with them right now. it's about a year later, but here we are enjoying one another's company.

Make sure as you walk through life you take time to enjoy the company and share the experiences. My mom couldn't journey up watkins glen with me and my dad because she wasn't able to walk it. But we were able to bring her images. These images were beautiful, but not as beautiful as time shared. Are you neglecting people to chase images? Call time out, and enjoy community and make memories with the people around you. Chase the images together, and make history, one memory at a time.

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Amen Brother Billy!