Monday, October 09, 2006

Snake in a tree

Snake in a tree, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
You've heard all about snakes on a plane, but yesterday, I saw a snake in a tree.

It was a bit of a strange afternoon. I was chilling out on this rock in the middle of cooper's rock, and I was surrounded by ladybugs. There must have been thousands of them. I'm sitting there on this rock praying, and ladybugs are just surrounding me. It was really cool, but a little on the annoying side eventually. When the novelty wore off, I still had ladybugs in my hair, on my clothes, and on my face.

And then, I saw this snake, lying in a tree, just a few feet from me. I started thinking about the Garden, and how beautiful everything was. This poor snake was probably just trying to stay warm, but I saw it as a symbol. And yet, the snake didn't try to bother me. He just chilled out on a branch just a few feet away from me.

Maybe that was what it was like in the garden too. Maybe the snake just hung out and became familiar with Adam and Eve. Maybe he was such a regular part of the landscape that they never expected what came from him.

At first I was alarmed when I saw the snake, but then I was finally able to relax. He became a familiar part of the landscape just like the rock and the trees and the ladybugs.

It's ironic isn't it. We go through these cycles of awareness and lethargy, alertness, and complacency. Complacency and comfort seem to call more loudly to us than any sense of deep awareness. As I fight fatigue today, I am finding it very difficult to stay focused and not just want to relax. But I know we are called to be sober minded and watchful because we have an enemy who is looking to devour us.
How do you keep alert when fatigue and the familiar call you to complacency in your life and your faith?

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