Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Prince of Shalom

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Last night and this afternoon, I had the distinct privilege of being in the presence of some very wonderful spiritual people. Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the Lakota White Buffalo Calf Pipe, and Paula Horne Mullen, coordinator of the Wolakota Foundation, were present and speaking in Morgantown on the campus of WVU. They came to the university as part of the Helen Coast Hayes Peace Lecture Series at WVU.

Chief Looking Horse worked to found World Peace and Prayer Day that happens on June 21st each year. As these two people shared their hearts with a number of students, faculty, and community people, I was deeply touched by their sincerity. They are genuinely compassionate and caring people. Ms. Mullen shared a wrap with me at a luncheon that was held in their honor at the university after they had led out a Peace Tree Ceremony on campus.

I was deeply touched by the words and hearts of these wonderful people. Chief Looking Horse was leaving Morgantown to receive the Temple of Understanding award from the United Nations tomorrow night. He will be the first First Nations individual to receive this award and it is an extremely high honor.

As I think about the subject of peace though I am troubled. You see, I know a number of people who come from a variety of faiths and backgrounds who are interested in the subject of peace. I think it is a very important subject. As I was saying to a Jewish friend of mine last night, "It is very difficult indeed to live and work for shalom."

Honestly, I think part of the difficulty is the fact that there are so many perceptions of how it is brought about. And that's really troubling to me. You see, I know that a part of our nature is selfish, and self centered, and as much as we all desire peace, we have this inner conflict between our own selfishness and that desire.

It's interesting because around the world there are myriad beliefs about things like this. And I think about the sincerity of so many people, and yet, I also know that according to ancient prophecy, shalom can never be obtained without Meshiach. Jesus, the one who was pierced, and resurrected, is called the prince of peace, or the prince of shalom.

It seems like if we want to see any lasting peace, at some point it is going to be necessary to begin to trust the Prince of Shalom. And if we want our world, and our neighbors to experience peace, we need to point them to the Prince of Shalom.

I know that this is an uncomfortable subject for many. There have been so many horrible atrocities committed by every tongue and tribe and nation in the name of shalom. And yet, inside our hearts, we know that if shalom will ever come about it will take someone who is capable of living a different life than the one each one of us lives.

I hope that more and more people have an opportunity to experience the Shalom of God, and that our world is transformed, but I believe that the only true hope for our world exists in the crucified and resurrected Messiah, Jesus.

And that's why I have committed my life to sharing His message of shalom to our world. As we trust Him, we are restored to right relationship with the creator, the creation, other humans, and our ownselves. We learn to speak and live in love as we trust the way of King Jesus.

It's strange. In our modern world we are afraid of offending others with spirituality. At the same time, if Jesus is really the true King of all peoples, then by all means we need to let others know that the road to peace runs through Jesus. But we need to remember the words of another Jewish man by the name of Saul who said that we are to be "speaking the truth in love so that we may grow up in every way into Him who is the head, into Christ." When we learn to speak truth in love, we become like the Prince of Peace, Jesus. And then we become amazing instruments for peace in His great universe.

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I saw this guy on TV yesterday (local news) and wondered if you were there. Should have known you would be!! Glad you had a good time.
How's mom by the way??