Monday, March 10, 2008

Desperate Sex Lives Q and A

Last night we finished our most recent series at h2o with a question and answer session. People could email, text, write down, or just stand up and ask questions regarding any of the subjects we covered over the last few weeks. This could be a pretty thorny predicament (hence the photo), but in the end it was really a unique and different experience for our community. (It was probably also among the shortest talks ever given at h2o!)

Folks asked some really great questions from "Is there such a thing as being TOO HONEST with regard to intentions for a relationship?" and "Where does one get the courage to MAN-UP and initiating a relationship?" to "Is it ok to call out someone of the opposite sex if they are leading you on and not committing?" and "Is it ok for men and women to sleep in the same bed?"

I really appreciated the honesty of the questions that were generated. I also appreciated the discussions that followed our event. It's had me thinking that perhaps this would be a good exercise in the future as well. While Q and A times can be more than a little unpredictable, they encourage greater participation and engagement from individuals, and help everyone in the room to really think about what is being discussed.

Our next series won't start until March 30th, and will involve three different speakers during the three weeks of the series, We will be discussing how Christians are perceived by those outside the faith, and what we need to do about it.

Ultimately, with any subject discussed our Bible is the ultimate source, and perhaps the Q and A time was encouraging for people to not only hear answers and thoughts on a subject, but also to hear the scripture application behind the answers. When you answer people's questions, do you answer with your best guess, or do you seek to bring in the full counsel of scripture to inform your insights?

As we yield ourselves more and more to the wisdom of a 5000 year old text, we find ourselves finding greater and greater stability in a world in which change seems to be the only constant. Thankfully, the scriptures can guide every aspect of our lives, even our sexuality. When we yield our lives to the story of God, we give people a little sign of the beauty of life found in abiding in Christ.

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Cassie said...

Hey Billy! I just wanted to let you know that I got a lot out of this particular message. I downloaded the podcast so I could give it a listen. I thought this series was really great, especially because you didn't shy away from topics that really need addressed. I'll be looking forward to the next series!! (Even if I have to listen to it from home.) I couldn't quit smiling when I heard the podcast and could hear everyone's voices and laughter. Hope everything is going great!! It shouldn't be more than another few weeks before I can at least come to church. Miss you guys a lot!!