Monday, March 31, 2008

Becoming a Witness

Becoming a Witness, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
Last week, I became a witness. Specifically, it happened last wednesday night. My friend Curtis got tickets to see the Cleveland Cavaliers play and offered one to me as an early birthday present. A carload of us drove up from morgantown for the game.

It was my first NBA game, and while it was exciting to see Lebron James, Chris Paul, and others, I definitely don't plan on making it a habit.

But I can now say I am a witness, to Lebron's legend. It was pretty wild. Back in December he broke the career scoring record for Cleveland. He's 23 years old. That's pretty impressive.

The announcer for the Cavs, Joe Tait, called his 3000th game that night as well, so that made for a little extra fanfare. I always like it when stuff like that is happening--makes it a little more exciting/engaging.

As much as I enjoyed the game, and the whole time in Cleveland, I couldn't help but think this thought.

Wouldn't it be something though if we were all witnesses to something greater than Lebron?

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