Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Divine Appointments and Mentors.

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Every once in a while you get reminders of how you ended up where you are. The lady above this entry has played a key role in some decisive moments of my life. My junior year at WVU, she was sitting outside the mountainlair connecting with folks and letting them know about an event happening on campus and the beginnings of an American Indian Student group on campus. I took a flyer from her, and she became my link to the Indian community in Morgantown. Then, through that link, I came to know Jesus Christ as my savior at an intertribal function near morgantown. If that wasn't enough, it was through the relationships she had with people in my tribe that I was able to re-connect with my Shawnee tribal community. That connection led me to meet and learn from the most amazing human being I have ever known, my old Chief.

Dr. Ellesa High is an associate professor of English at WVU, and she was one of the key people I went to when considering grad school in English. She was also instrumental in helping me get the first minor in Native American Studies at WVU. She also served as the advisor for the Native American Student Group at WVU (ONAI)--I was president for it's first three years as well.

I had the privilege of running into her on monday afternoon and meeting up on Tuesday. Beyond being a good professor at the university, she has become a mentor and great friend. At times, you can lose sight of all that you have done and become in your life, and my time with Dr. High reminded me of the wide array of talents I've been blessed with, and the many opportunities and healthy risks I've taken in my relatively short life. I left our conversation thoroughly encouraged and grateful that once again, God had used one of my professors to both remind me of my accomplishments, and inspire me toward the future.

While I hadn't seen Dr. High since my mom's funeral, it was refreshing to catch up and be encouraged once again by one of my mentors in the journey of life.

Take time to remember the people who have impacted your life, and be sure to thank them. And remember, something as seemingly insignificant as stepping out to invite people to an event may have a significant impact on someone's life.

There are no ordinary moments.

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