Monday, March 17, 2008

The Passion 2008

OK, so it's kind of late. But based on the attendance figures, it's sort of ok. Easily over 8000 people came out to see Chestnut Ridge Church's performance of The Passion this past weekend. In order to encourage folks to go see the drama, we pointed people to go see the passion and take a friend.

Of course, the general story never changes with a drama like this, but I find that the quality of the performance improves each year. Typically I am involved in the play, but this year with my desert experience, it seemed like a bit much to have on my plate.

My friend and comrade in ministry, Cameron King did an excellent job playing the role of Jesus. While he had to give much more time to practice this year than any of the years before, I feel like it did him a great service with regard to taking on such a challenging role.

I could go on and on about the quality of the actors and the musicians involved, the set designers and the people who were working behind the scenes, but EVERYTHING about the performances I saw was polished and quality. It amazes me that the level of quality has just continued to improve over the years.

Beyond the quality of the performances, I feel a degree of pride (in a good sense of the word), that so many people from our college and career ministry, h2o, were involved in the drama. Probably more than seeing the drama itself, I enjoy seeing these folks perform and excel--the folks that make up our community are so incredibly talented. It humbles me that I am a part of such a gifted community of people who love Jesus so passion-ately. (Sorry for the bad pun!)

While it's too late for me to invite you to see The Passion this year, it's never too late to consider ways you can learn about Christ, or maybe get involved in sharing His love with others. So maybe take some time today to do just that!

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cameron king said...

Thanks for the compliment, my friend. And nice 'dropping' of the 'college and career' lingo! Hopefully people will start using it...