Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Rebound, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.

Last week, through the help of some great friends, I made it to watch the first and second rounds of the NCAA tournament. You might consider it an early birthday present, or an early easter gift. Whatever it could be considered, I consider it GREAT!!!

This photo was taken from my seat for the first round game against Arizona. I tried to get some good shots, but my little digital camera didn't fare so well with the fast pace of college basketball--most of my pics were a little blurry (it doesn't help that I don't have really steady hands!).

So this photo is from the first half of the Arizona game. Look at our guys box out on a free throw. I had a really great seat for each round, and it was lot's of great basketball. I was there for the near upset of Belmont over Duke, and watched our fellas triumph over Arizona.

In the words of Tony Caridi, "It's a great day to be a Mountaineer, whereever you may be!"

I just happened to be four rows from the floor in the Verizon Center for this one.


BrotherChuck said...

It was a great day to be a Mountaineer in California, too... As was Saturday! And with the current trend, next Saturday will be even better!

otherbrother said...

I for one am very glad you didn't go on about the whole Duke thing.
Go Mountain Ears!

BigMama said...

Very cool that you were able to attend the games. When I told Elwood, he turned a bit green!

Go 'Eers!