Monday, October 01, 2012

WVU Inaugural Big XII Matchup

Well, Jamie and I didn’t land tickets to WVU’s Big XII Debut against Baylor, but we were thankfully able to listen to Tony Caridi give the play by play during the game. And, we live close enough to the stadium, that we were able to walk over and visit with a few friends before the game, and we had a few friends visit us afterward at home.

And what a game it was! It was one of the highest scoring games I can remember—for both team combined, and I believe it set records for the most points scored in a Big XII game ever too. And everyone is talking about Geno and his incredible numbers (here’s a great article from the Oct 1 USAToday that talks about his and WVU's success and potential for the Heisman this year). I’m hopeful that these young athletes will stay healthy and that they will be able to continue to build on this momentum as they depart for games in Texas over the next two weeks.

Not only were the athletes incredible, but Jamie and I were able to take a peak at the stadium as we walked home yesterday, and we saw sections of Mountaineer field striped in Blue and Gold—it looked incredible seeing folks decked out in WVU colors, and it was cool to hear the roar of the crowds along with “Air Raid” sirens after each reception for a touchdown.

What a season thus far, and I hope we see many more games of similar stature this year.

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