Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cheat Lake Family Dentistry

About two years ago, I had a tooth get broken while playing soccer with a group of friends in Morgantown (in honor of the World Cup).  A few weeks after the break, I made a visit to Morgantown Endodontics for a root canal. Contrary to so much of what I have heard from others about the procedure, I had an incredibly positive experience. After the experience, I was recommended to Cheat Lake Family Dentistry with Dr.Jill Bowers Glover and Dr. Allison M. Wilson for a crown.

I was thoroughly impressed with my experience at Cheat Lake Family Dentistry, and I have actually been in the chair together with three of their hygienists and both dentists over the last two years.  I love the fact that I have been able to do this because it means I can give a more informed review of the facility and the level of care across the facility.

To be brief, these folks are amazing. The field of dentistry is unfortunately plagued with horror stories, and even more unfortunately, many people believe these stories are the norm instead of the exception. The folks at CLFD are professional, courteous, and truly seek for their patients to have a quality and care-filled experience.

Having been in a variety of medical offices during my life, one thing I’ve come to expect is a wait of 10-20 minutes after arriving in an office. At CLFD, I’ve never had to wait. If my appointment is for 10AM, they are ready to seat me in the chair at 10AM. I’m thoroughly impressed with their punctuality.

Each of the staff also remember details about me. They remember my vocation, hobbies, interests, and even my wife’s name. The only disappointing side about this is that folks are so friendly (and I have a bias toward chatting), that I just want to talk the entire time, and that is not so easy while people are doing work in your mouth. Beyond this, they invite questions, and give extremely thorough descriptions of both my assessment, and also every intervention or procedure they are performing. I not only feel educated about my own teeth, but I have a better understanding of dentistry and advances in dental care as well.

And, just in case a patient might want to hang out and disengage from the work happening in their mouth, they have televisions that are easily visible from the chair, and they give patients the ability to pick whatever they would like to watch. (Since Jamie and I do not have a big cable package, I often use this opportunity to get my fill of ESPN). :)

Unfortunately because of poor dental hygiene and a lack of regular checkups I have had to receive a number of fillings. The staff do an incredible job of pain management, and I’ve never had a bad or painful experience while getting work done at their facility. In fact, I had anticipated having a sore mouth for a couple of days after each time they needed to work on fillings. I’ve never experienced soreness afterward, and that tells me that they perform their work in least intrusive manner possible.

From the receptionist to the dentists, it is extremely clear to me that everybody at CLFD loves their job, and loves caring for their patients well. Before every appointment, I receive a reminder/confirmation call to make sure I haven’t forgotten and that nothing in my schedule has changed.

If you live in the greater Morgantown, WV area, and you are looking for a dentist, I highly recommend you give the staff at Cheat Lake Family Dentistry a try.  I believe you will find them caring, professional, and highly competent in the care that they give.

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