Tuesday, October 09, 2012

WVU Continues To Do Well in the Big XII Conference

Well, this weekend, WVU played it's first Big XII away game against eleventh ranked University of Texas. I was not in attendance for the game because #1, I would have to fly to get there, and #2 I was going to one of my really good friend's wedding.

In my mind, this week was really a testing ground for the Mountaineers. The mighty Mountaineers still have a tough schedule ahead of them, but Saturday's game gave WVU and Geno Smith some added street credibility if any was lacking before now. And apparently, based on the photo above, we seemed to give the Texas coach some fits.

There have been critics who have spoken challenges over each victory WVU has had thus far this season, and this past Saturday was the first true road game for the Mountaineers. The Mounties fared very well, and came away with a W in Texas. Geno Smith continues to put up respectable numbers, and Andrew Buie exploded out of the backfield to create yet another threat for opposing squads to defend against. For the first time this year we showed the ability to both run and pass well, and if we continue to do both well, it looks to be a pretty exciting season indeed!

As the Mountaineers roll into Lubbock, Texas this weekend, I'm hopeful that they can continue their stretch and that they will bring home one more win before they return to Morgantown for another game later this month. Let's goooooo Mountaineers!

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