Friday, October 12, 2012

Derek and Becca’s Wedding

Last weekend, I was able to be part of an incredible wedding celebration that featured an old roommate. It’s the second marriage ceremony I’ve been part of in the last month, and it is always a true honor to be involved in such an intimate ceremony and sacred commitment taking place among incredible friends.

This ceremony was an interesting coming together of lives and worlds. One of the  officiants for the wedding was none other then Ben Tuel, another of my former roommates. After graduating, Ben went to work for a ministry called YoungLife in Morgantown, Charleston, and now back in Morgantown again. During his time in ministry, he had met a number of students and witnessed their lives beginning to glow with a love for God and for neighbor. His favorite was a young woman named Becca Thomas, who is now Becca Roberts, my recent roommate’s bride.

As close as Ben was to Becca, I would have to say I felt equally close to Derek. Derek was a roommate of mine for over two years, and he and I have been part of many road trips to Atlanta, Charlotte, and places in-between. I watched Derek grow in both his zeal for God as well as his compassion toward others. During the time I lived with him, I had seen him dedicate time to serving people who were less fortunate in life, both locally and globally. Along with some friends he started a cold shelter for people who did not have homes in Morgantown. He also launched a nationwide tour and drove around the country  raising awareness about the millons of people in our world who lack the tools and knowledge to lift themselves out of extreme poverty.

This coming together of worlds is really what marriage is all about. Two lives are becoming united to serve God and others in ways that they couldn’t do so on their own. Becca and Derek are currently making their home in Charleston, WV, within site of the capitol. The Robertses have been working with high school students in a local church, River Ridge Church, and continue their efforts with YoungLife as Becca finishes her nursing degree at University of Charleston.

The ceremony was definitely memorable. Much like my friends Joel andHolly, Derek and Becca chose a locale that was picturesque, and contributed greatly to the solemnity and sacred air of the occasion. Friends and relatives from many different areas came together for the celebration, and I’m hopeful that this trend will continue throughout their marriage. May their home and their jointly-lived life be a place where many connect, come together, and experience rich hospitality and a wonderful sense of deep love. And further, may their love be an example that is emulated by the many people who cross their paths during their lives together.

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