Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Vintage Barber Shop

As part of my friend Derek’s pre-marriage festivities, he committed his groomsmen to making a trip to his favorite barber shop in Charleston, a place called The Vintage Barber Shop. It was like a walk down memory lane, at least for me. I remember going with my dad as a little boy to sit in the barber’s chair, get my hair cut, and listen to a wide variety of stories ranging from football to politics.

Derek first discovered the shop when the business was featured in the local paper. The owner is a fellow West Virginian from around the Clarksburg area named Justin Amos. Derek first visited the space in 2011, and fell in love with the space as well as the quality haircut and shave he received each time he visited.

The shop is adorned with equipment (including barber’s chairs) from a long gone era. I remember sitting in a barber chair very similar to the one’s in the shop as a small boy when I would visit Buck’s Barber Shop in South Parkersburg with my dad. This trip was a little different than my trips from yesteryear because this was the first time I had visited a barber shop for a shave.

It was quite an experience. Each one of Derek’s groomsmen received a shave in preparation for the wedding ceremony. As stressful as it may sound to have a stranger take a razor to one’s neck and face, the whole experience was actually relaxing. I think we all went under the knife with the understanding that we weren’t the first to be shaved by Justin, and Derek had survived and returned for multiple visits.  That being said, it was extremely relaxing to have a hot towel placed on my face in an effort to prepare my face for the blade.

Those who know me know I don’t often get hair-cuts (though, since 2008, I have significantly increased my frequency), but this shave was a really cool experience. It’s not one that I’m likely to repeat with regularity, but I would definitely recommend it to any guy who has not had a shave given by another person before. And if you happen to be reading this as a person living in the greater Charleston, WV area, I recommend checking out The Vintage Barber Shop and giving it a try. While we were there, we even ran into Larry Groce as he was getting a quick trim before heading to a Mount Stage event in Bristol, VA/TN.

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Anonymous said...

My grandfather (homer clyde barber) and ww2 navy veteran used to own bucks barber shop. His nickname being (buck). He was given 2 purple hearts during ww2. He was a great man, father and grandfather. I am glad to see that part of his past still lives on. Thank you