Monday, October 15, 2012

Thrill The World Morgantown 2012

I first met Gemma in 2006 through my good friend who is now my wife, Jamie. Gemma is an incredible individual who lives her life with passion and reckless abandon. She is always 100% present when she engages in conversation with others, and she brings energy and her whole heart to whatever she does.

When she first arrived in Morgantown, she was working toward a degree in Exercise Physiology, and was setting fire to the WVU Student RecCenter through a new form of aerobic exercise called Zumba. Her energy was contagious, and she helped many others discover Zumba in the area as well as helping even more people awaken to a renewed desire for personal mental, physical, and emotional health.

Gemma has volunteered with various groups over the years, including taking a trip to Honduras with Habitat for Humanity, and last year, she combined a fun dance opportunity with an opportunity to help support WVU Children’s Hospital. This year she is adding Nuru International to the organizations being supported.  The event is called Thrill The World Morgantown, and it is part of the world’s largest simultaneous Michael Jackson’s Thriller Dance Flash-Mob. Last year the event happened in the WVU Mountainlair, and this year, the event is slated to take place October 27th. In the same locale.
If you are looking for an opportunity to 1) Have Fun, 2) Learn the Thriller dance, 3) Make a difference in this world, then you need to go register for the event in Morgantown. There’s still plenty of time to learn the dance and get involved, but it is super-important to register in advance. People will get zombied up for the event, and in an effort to have adequate time to get make-up on, it’s important for Gemma and her crew to have a good idea of how many folks are participating.

Here’s hoping for a spook-tacular Thrill The World event in Morgantown! 

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