Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Moxxee Coffee

A little over a year ago, I wandered into a Charleston coffee shop with my buddy Derek, his then girlfriend Becca, and my wonderful wife. Jamie and I were enroute from Atlanta back to Morgantown, and we crashed for the night at Derek’s house. Interestingly, I remember the trip vividly as one during which I reconnected with an old friend from Morgantown, met a dedicated supporter of Nuru who I had never met before, and launched Nuru’s first week long campaign with Sevenly clothing company.

All of these events happened in this newly opened coffee shop called Moxxee. Moxxee is a little different from the typical coffee house. For one, they custom brew each cup of coffee, and secondly, they do so by use of Clover machines. There aren’t very many Clover machines in existence, but they definitely make for a unique coffee experience.

When I returned to Charleston last week for Derek’s wedding, I had Moxxee on my list of places to go. I wanted to see how the first year of business had treated Moxxee. Did they still brew high quality coffee? Were they still dedicated to creating a quality space for connection, contemplation, and community?

Well, I was answered upon my visit with a resounding yes. I stepped into the space twice over the course of the weekend, and both times I was greeted with a long line of other people waiting patiently for their coffee drink. Every seat in the space was taken, and people were engaged in deep conversations all around me. I loved seeing this space even more alive than I had experienced it one year prior.

If you ever find yourself in the greater Charleston, WV area, and you like coffee, I highly recommend making a stop at Moxxee and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, espresso, or even a specialty drink. I love to see local businesses like this taking off and creating another generation of quality locally owned and operated businesses in the great state of West Virginia.

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