Monday, May 26, 2008

Sozo Stories

Sozo Stories, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
Friday Morning, I stopped by sozo one last time before departing for Wilmington, NC. I was dropping off the award we had won from Mainstreet Morgantown, when I witnessed an interesting conversation between Sam, sozo's day time manager, and a guy who I had seen in the business next door to our space on a few occasions.
This gentleman was talking to Sam about Jesus. He was testifying to the greatness of Jesus in his life and his desire to give Jesus everything. He talked about how Jesus had changed Him, and makes his ultimate free gift of eternal life available to all. He continued talking about how Jesus would never leave or forsake anyone. So as I was listening, I couldn't resist stopping to take a photo of this storyteller.

I was encouraged by hearing this brief snippet of a story of faith as I walked out of sozo for the last time in a while. What a pleasant gift to receive on a Friday morning early in the day. (Another pleasant gift I received was a delicious sample of a smoothie Sam had blended just before I walked through the door. Yum!)

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