Thursday, May 29, 2008

Carolina Sunset

Carolina Sunset, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
At the end of the day Sunday night, I saw this beautiful sunset from the place where we had chosen to gather for a bbq and connecting time at Leadership Training. This photo was taken near the parking lot of Fort Fisher State Park which is about 5 miles from where I am staying. I actually rode my bike to Fort Fisher a couple days this week.

The sunset was quite an encounter. As we were talking at one of the picnic tables, I was totally enthralled by it. As I took the photo, I thought, "Man! I could have totally moved and gotten a better angle" But this was a great shot. This is what I saw, and so now this is what you see. This was my encounter.

In that story about Jesus and the blind beggar, there were two themes that jumped off the page. They are the themes for LT. The themes are encountering and becoming. The blind beggar encountered Jesus, and as a result of the encounter, he became a different person.

Part of the goal of the program down here is that people would encounter Jesus freshly, and as a result they would become changed--much like the blind man. As we encounter Jesus, we have a choice. We can reject him, or we can embrace Him and become like Him.

The blind man recovered his sight and became a more whole human being. Sometimes what we become isn't always externally obvious at first glance. Sometimes internal changes take place deep within our hearts, and work their way to the surface over time.

Have you encountered Jesus? What kind of person are you becoming? How is that encounter reflected in your life right now?

Many things can happen as a result of an encounter with Jesus, but one thing is certain, we can't encounter Him and remain unchanged.

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James M said...

There were some beautiful sunsets while I was there, too. I did enjoy the one you saw and showed too.

Billy, it was a pleasure to see you again. You are a rare man - you are always "present" when talking to if there is no place else you'd rather be right then. Thanks for that.

James "The Manny" Mitchell

PS: I found your blog through Mark Rohlfing. You might ask him to see if her still has the pictures of the wildlife we saw as we left the Fort that Sunday.