Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Curtis and Lindsay

My friends Curtis and Lindsay Fowler just left Morgantown for the west coast on Friday. They actually had left the week before, but they were called back East when they found out their grandfather had past away.

Curtis and Lindsay had left for a year right about the time my mom got sick. They worked as staff at a YoungLife camp in WildhorseCanyon. They returned to Morgantown last Fall, and have been spending the last few months working and saving money for an eventual move to Alaska.

Curtis is like a brother to me. We were actually trying to figure out how we grew to be friends, and honestly, it just kind of happened. We've always been pretty tight with each other, and our relationship has been much more like two brothers than it has two friends or acquaintances.

We were able to hang out a decent amount this past winter, but as with any interaction with kindred spirits--it's never quite enough.

So, I drove over to see the fowler's off and wish them well on their journey (and Curt's mom did the same thing!). So I grabbed this great family photo opportunity, to remember some fun moments together, and to remember some of my most quality friends.

I'm so thankful for the friends I've been given, and I know I will miss Curtis and Lindsay dearly while they are in Oregon and Alaska. I've been so privileged to meet amazing people like them who are changing the world for Christ, and who are living out their faith in a way that is contagious.

I bet you've got some pretty amazing friends too. Christ is my treasure, but I think the friends he has given me have been among my greatest gifts received. I think it's kind of like Jesus said about brothers and sisters that when we follow Him, he truly adds to the size of our family--or maybe in truth, we contribute to the size of His great family.

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