Monday, May 26, 2008

Best New Signage

Last Wednesday, Ryan Huffman and I attended the Mainstreet Morgantown Annual Meeting at the Hotel Morgan. Ryan works for The Sign Factory, Morgantown's premier sign and graphic design company. Over the last year, the Sign Factory staff have been tremendous partners in our endeavors at sozo. The reason the two of us were invited to attend this annual meeting was because sozo, our coffee shop on high street, won an award for the best new signage in downtown Morgantown.

My friend Trey designed the sign, but Ryan and I were encouraged to accept the award on behalf of the sozo team. Trey is an incredibly talented individual, and God has given him an amazing eye for design and innovation. It's a real joy to work alongside of someone so talented. Actually, our whole team at sozo is tremendously talented, and it's really cool to see how the last few months of this coffee shop have come together.

Receiving this award from many influential leaders in the city of Morgantown was a huge step for us as a team, and one that we are really excited about. We are looking forward to becoming members of Mainstreet Morgantown, and see the award as a testament to the great work we've been able to do in the city already, as well as a milestone to encourage us toward even greater steps of faith in the future.

As I walked up to accept the award, I couldn't help but think about the long hours of work that many of us put into the build out of the space. I couldn't help but think of the countless volunteer hours that have shaped the space both morning and evening. And of course I couldn't help but reflect on the fact that no man is an island, what we can do collectively always will exceed our contributions as individuals.

Dr. Martin Luther King once said "Any man who believes he can go through this life alone is sleeping through a revolution." I can't help but think how God has spoken to me personally through this coffee shop endeavor about the value of team and the powerful impact that comes from working together.

May we not live such isolated lives that we miss out on the great endeavors that we can be part of for the glory of God.

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