Thursday, May 01, 2008

2000 Visitors Calls For a Celebration!

The photo above was shot on new year’s 2006 in Amsterdam on the Dam Square. I was over there helping my friends who put on a conference for all of the Great Commission Churches that are in Europe. That red in the background in the photo is from a fire that is blazing on the ground. It was a pretty wild new year’s celebration.

Yesterday at 11:23:31AM, I logged my 2000th visitor to my blog during the month of April. For the last three months, I have been flirting close to 2000 visitors, and this month I got over the hump (particularly thanks to some of my friends who saw my message on facebook and checked it out. My final visitor count for the month of April was 2073. I think that deserves a celebration of some type as well!

I did a quick look at the visitors I’ve had recently, and for the last 500 visitors I had I saw how many people check out the page. In the last 500 visitors, I had visitors from 32 states (and Washington DC), 4 canadian provinces, and 28 different countries. Who would have thought that so many people would be tuned into what I’ve been writing about?

I am humbled that this means of communication has caught on and that so many would take an interest in what’s happening in my world in the place where faith and life collide. As a result of the increasing number of visitors, I’m going to attempt to spruce up the space a bit, and make it a little more interactive for folks. Of course its all not going to change overnight, but I am going to try to make some incremental changes—any suggestions?

Thanks again for reading, for leaving comments, and for the encouraging words I hear from you about this blog. It’s an honor and a privilege to share my life and journey of faith with you, may we have many more seasons of a shared experience here on the web!

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BigMama said...

Congratulations! It is indeed nice to know that your thoughts aren't just "out there" but are actually being read by someone.

Elwood is looking forward to the final H2O service this Sunday. Praying that you have a restful (???) summer season ahead!