Thursday, April 19, 2007


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One of the best things about this whole cancer challenge is the fact that my family has been so tight through it all. I took this picture of my dad and another one of my uncles this afternoon after he visited my mom for a bit. I love getting together with my family, because we can always find something to laugh about. Laughter is healing. I'm grateful for so many wonderful relatives who taught me from a young age the importance of laughter and the importance of stories.

The uncle in this picture is the one I am named after--he's my uncle Bill. I'm Billy though. That's how you tell us apart. He's another one of my relatives who has kicked cancer's booty.

My family has survived a lot of crazy stuff. Back in the day when Indians received smallpox infested blankets, somehow some of my ancestors survived. We keep on keepin' on. We refuse to give up or give in. In the word's of Joe Dirt, "You gotta not have no in your heart!" We don't lay down easy--we "Endeavor to persevere." (Quote from The Outlaw Josey Wales. Now cancer has tried to come after many of my relatives, but we are fighting the good fight together as we pray for and love one another.

My mom is the latest in that tradition. She's a fighter and she is mega-stubborn. I like it--it explains a lot about me. (By the way--my dad and everyone else in my family are the same way).

So my mom had both of her kidneys blocked yesterday, and she had minor surgery to open up the flow. I think she drained something like 6-8 Liters of fluid in the last 24 hours. She was breathing easier today, but she is pretty tired. She's been through a lot the last few days as well as the last few months. Even amid this fatigue and weakness, she mustered the fortitude to sit up in a chair for a bit this evening. I imagine she will be able to come home soon, but we still have a cloud of uncertainty about that.

Tomorrow more answers should be provided, but for now we wait. We wait to find out what caused the blockage of her kidneys. We wait to find out what is going on with the large rash on her right breast. We wait to find out what the next steps are we should take. And most importantly, we wait on the sovereign LORD to direct us and the doctors in the next step of the journey.

Please join with us in prayer and in waiting.


cathryn mayo said...

I am praying for you and your wonderful family.

Pamela W Swope said...

Billy, thanks again for the wonderful updates. It helps us direct out prayers. But God is Good and has things in controll. Your mom is awesome and what a wonderful, loving family. You are blessed. Keep fighting that cancer! And we'll keep praying.

Anonymous said...

Billy, Asked Trey about your mom, was waiting to see something from you on the Ridge network or whatever it is called, then I found you here. Anyway, we are definitely praying for her as she walks through yet another difficult time. So good to know the Lord--always--but especially so in these kinds of times and as Pam said, He is good. Sandy

Unknown said...

I hope you mother gets better and everybody knows Lord will help your mum!