Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Protected Beauty

A Protected Beauty, originally uploaded by realkuhl.
Unfortunately this week has not afforded me the time to write and reflect that I was hoping it would. It has been a very productive week though, and I have a feeling I am going to be putting up a series of blogs dealing with some current problems we are facing in our world, and what we can do about them.

For now though, I want to encourage you to slow down. My best friend on the planet, Willie, sent me this article from a desiring God blogsite. The thing that strikes me is that the article hits on something similar to this picture. Isn't this photo exquisite?

In order to photograph this, the photographer had to recognize the beauty of the moment, and after he recognized it, he photographed it.

Now his photo took him about a half mile away from a parking lot--that's not far, but it took some effort.

Personally, I think we miss beauty like this every day because we are going about with blinders on and busily scrambling from task to task. The link in this post talks about a world renknown violin player who set up in downtown DC and performed as a few people chucked quarters in his violin case.

It's amazing how much we miss out on the beauty that's all around us when we are busy. Take some time to look at the world around you and soak in those moments and images that are just a little ways off the well worn path of a busy and hectic paced life. It will renew your spirit.


Pamela W Swope said...

Billy, the link was a dead end when I clicked it. Would be interested in reading it? Wasn't church great today? Good music, good message. Praise God for all our blessings. Hope mom is doing ok...she's in my prayers.
Love ya,

Tim said...

Great picture and great reminder. It's so easy to forget to "stop and smell the roses."