Monday, April 16, 2007

Energy Savings and One Billion Bulbs

Over the last few weeks I've been thinking a lot about stewardship and the environment. In particular I've been thinking about the added onus that Christians have as a mandate from God to be good stewards with the resources with which we have been entrusted. And I've been thinking about/reading about ways we can begin to curb our energy consumption and things like that.

Like any mad-scientist--I have begun by experimenting on myself. I've been exploring recycling, and household energy consumption stuff, and it has been really cool. I've taken some flak here and there who already assume I must be really granola because of being Indian and having long hair.

Been thinking about cultural stuff lately too. The old timers used to say that we make our decisions by thinking about how they will affect the next seven generations. Most of the time today people make decisions without considering how they will affect the next seven days.

I'm exploring gardening a bit this year too. I think my generation is the first generation of my family that hasn't kept a garden. All of my uncles keep gardens, and my dad has always planted crops. It's time I learn some of these "old ways". So I hope to explore some of that in a future blog as well. I kind of feel like we've lost a lot of our connection to the earth over the last several years--I know I have.

A few month's ago, Willie sent me a link to this website called one billion I created a group on the site that I called Friends of Chanchanchepon that i would love for you to join.

Over the last few months I have been changing out my incandescent bulbs for low wattage compact fluorescent bulbs. I have changed out several bulbs, and many of my friends have done the same. The website allows us to track the impact our exchange of bulbs is making.

But I've gotta tell ya--I think I underestimated the number of hours my other bulbs were being used. I've cut my electric bill nearly in half by using these compact fluorescent bulbs. I really recommend the change-over.

Anyway, check out the one billion bulbs site, and make the switch to compact fluorescent bulbs. Unless you have an even better alternative like solar power. I think we can reach our state's goals pretty quickly if everyone will just switch out a few bulbs. Join my "Friends of Chanchanchepon" group, and record your change-over. That way we can track the energy we've helped to conserve. The Compact Fluorescent bulbs are much more expensive, but they last a TON longer too. Plus you will make the money back pretty quick in energy savings. Picture this. If you switch out 1 60 watt bulb for 1 11 watt bulb, the amount of electricity saved in that process is over 80%.

Get out there and care for the planet--starting with your household!

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Cathryn Mayo said...

Billy, you are the man. Seriously!

Gardening is awesome. I have a pretty extensive container garden. I am so excited because I've just moved and now have access to bright light. I can grow fruit and vegetables!!! You should look into how growing plants indoors cleans so many toxins out of your home.
Orchids are good house plants. Let me know if you want one, I can give you one of mine.

I'll be looking into the lightbuilb thing...
Oh! And thrift stores are really great too. People get rid of perfectly good just need to know how to restore them. You might want to look into that too. Sorry, i am really into stuff like this. =)
Thank you so much for your blog. It's good stuff!