Friday, January 19, 2007

Mom on the Road

Mom on the Road, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
This week has proven difficult for me to blog for a number of reasions, but rather than giving excuses, I will give you one of the myriad things I've been thinking about--my mom!!!

This week, I have had the privilege of spending a lot of time with her. I went home for MLK day, and worked from there Tuesday. Yesterday, I drove to Elkins to look at a fishing cabin that my dad and brother-in-law are thinking about buying. Mom went with them too.

I realized after my last visit I didn't take a picture of my mom, so I made sure to get this one yesterday at the fish camp.

My mom is soooo awesome!!! My dad and I were talking about this fishing camp late last night, and then we started talking about my mom, and how much she means to us. She has been a quiet leader in our family. My dad leads our household, but my mom takes care of everything behind the scenes. Over the last several months, my dad has had to take on many responsibilities that my mom used to take care of.

Last night he said that she was just such a good person, and that she cares for everybody. My mom has a big heart!!! (and so does my dad for that matter!!!) I think they have ingrained it into us kids. But My dad said something truly beautiful about my mom. "She is a good woman."

I agree Dad. My mom is a good woman. And my dad is a good man. I am so thankful for both of them. I am so thankful that they raised me in such big-hearted way.

My mom is so strong, so gentle, so compassionate, and so beautiful. I hope I can bring beauty into the world the way she has over the course of her life.

Do you take time to reflect on the goodness God has instilled in those who are around you? Whose faith and life do you want to imitate?

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Pam Swope said...

You are God honoring in the way you care for your parents. It's an amazing example.
And when you don't have them anymore, you will have no me, it's a good feeling.