Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Finally A Gator Bowl Victory

Last week at the WVU v. USF basketball game, the WVU football team was honored during halftime.

It's interesting to me, because I believe 1984 was the first year we plaeyed in the gator bowl. My neighbor bought me a gator bowl tshirt for Christmas. My dad laughed and said those shirts would probably be really cheap in the near future. And they were, because WVU lost.

Losing bowl games makes for some pretty inexpensive shirts, but I will take a win any day. In the center of the picture are several players, and coach Rodriguez. Even though my new camera has 5x zoom, I was sitting in the upper section of the colisseum. There is only so much a zoom can do I guess.

Here's to the Mountaineers.


nic said...

Just to let you know i am not excepting any more excuses why you dont visit charlotte. You have a highly efficient car now so stop making excuses and start making tracks.

Curt Fowler said...