Monday, January 01, 2007

Leaping into a New Year

Leaping into a New Year, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.

My best friend on the planet, Willie, and his family came to visit the family for new years. We went to see Brett Cain with a handful of people from Morgantown last night.

This morning the new year started. Just like Willie's son in this picture, Willie and I have made a commitment to leap into 2007 with a number of goals.

Among our goals are fitness goals. Willie is attempting to lose weight and get fit. You can track his progress here.

Willie got me a new pair of Nike+ running shoes, an armband, a Nike+ sensor, and an ipod nano to help me move toward fitness goals. I ran almost five miles today. I ran too hard, and I am really tired.

But . . .I have made a resolution for January. I am going to run 100 miles this month, or else I will remain silent for 48 hours. So, feel free to ask me about my goal, and if I don't talk for a couple of days in February, you'll know how I fared. 48 hours of silence may not seem like much, but for someone who is as involved with people as I am, it will prove to be quite difficult.

So have you made any new years resolutions? Any goals for 2007? I have a few other goals, but perhaps I will save them for a future entry. If you haven't set any goals for 2007, perhaps now is the time to take a leap of faith and set some goals. You can post them here, and then I can encourage you toward seeing them become reality!!!


Pam Swop said...

Every year, my friend Cathy and I make a list of 10 goals for the New Year. It has been a real eye opener and blessing to see these goals become achieved or not. So we are meeting later this week to review our goals. There are some tough ones on mine this year! Also, my husband and I are making a set of goals for our marriage. I am excited that he wants to participate in this and look forward to the time together.
Good luck with yours! My son has the Nike/nano set and really likes it.
And don't forget to change those light bulbs. Oh, I'm going to try to buy "green" this year as much as well as organic.
Woo Hoo!

batdog said...

I am running out to get my bulbs as we speak.


Beth said...

You have 10 more miles to go! That's awesome. I clicked on your Nike chart there and didn't know about the Nike/Nano thing- that looks really cool... I'll have to try it out if I upgrade to a Nano- right now I just have a shuffle. I told my housemate who has a nano and she may try it out.