Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Future of Cell Phones

It's been a while since I have blogged, and the irony is that I have had such a large amount to blog about, I have simply lacked the time/opportunity to do it well. So today, I am just blogging about the most exciting piece of technology since the ipod. Apple changed the way we thought about computers, and now we have computers in the majority of homes in America. Then, in 2001, Apple changed the way we listen to music with the advent of the ipod.

Tuesday, Apple unveiled the future of cellular phones, the iphone. If you use a cellular phone, apple has combined the capabilities of a cell phone, an ipod, an email/chat service, and internet browsing in a handheld device. The phone features a 2MP camera among other neat goodies.

Even though I love the advances we are making in technology, and the way Apple makes technology so fun and accessible, even to non-techies like me, I still wonder about things. (Don't get me wrong, this phone is way up on my birthday/Christmas list if you are wondering what to get a hip young shawnee with a love for cool stuff that makes life easier.)

I wonder, as simple as the cell phone and email/chats make it to stay connected, are we better connected? What about time to think and be alone? I mean, on the college campus, I see hundreds of students every day with cell phones attached to their ears as they walk between classes. Are the people gabbing away better connected with their friends? With themselves? With God? Sometimes I wonder if we aren't just the most distracted generation in history.

Again, no mistake, if I held the power of the iphone in my hands, I would use it for good! And cell phones in general have allowed us to stay connected with more people, more often. What do you think about cell phones? Have they been a help or a hindrance to you in your life? And what do you think about the iphone? Pretty cool huh!!!

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