Tuesday, June 27, 2006

superman returns

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Last night I went to see the new Superman movie. It was brilliant. So much imagery, and so many allusions to the original.

I started thinking as I watched it. Isn't Superman a lot like Jesus. I'm sure there have been many who have made the comparison's before. But, as I watched the movie, it caused my eyes to well with tears.

You see, the movie is entitled Superman Returns. When I watched it, I began to imagine what it might be like when Jesus returns. When Superman returned, the comment was made that everyone loves Superman. There is something endearing about the character that saves the day.

I wonder how much rejoicing will happen when Jesus returns and puts all of the wrongs to wright. Superman had a redemptive effect on many, and yet there were those like Lex Luthor who had a hunger for power, and resented Superman for thwarting their exploits.

I wonder if that is what it will be like when Jesus comes back. Many will rejoice that everything is getting put right in the world, and others will be resentful. I could write ad nauseum about this movie and the profound effect it had on my faith, and my worship, but I will simply suggest that you go see the movie yourself.

There are places where the metaphor breaks down, but that's the thing about metaphors, they are like models. They only give a shadow of the real thing, and they don't quite compare to the real thing.

I look forward to the day when every tribe and tongue and nation bows at the throne of the King of Kings. I believe it will be the most beautiful day, and event, that we wil ever have the opportunity to see.

Are you experiencing a taste of that joy and beauty now? The world needs a savior, and people cry out every day for one. Perhaps, Jesus wants His followers to do more than rejoice. Perhaps he want's us to bear His image so that people will know something of what He is like, and what the world will look like under His reign.


Anonymous said...

hey it is a step up from crying during ELF

Jeanette said...

i saw Superman this week as well and loved it! i have a fond place in my heart for superman (long story ... my grandmother lived in Metropolis - home of Superman ... NO JOKE!) but i LOVED the movie and thought similar things while watching it especially in thinking about the pulitzer prize articles written by lois lane. anywho ... looks like some virginians might be roadtripping your direction at the end of the month. hope your summer is going well.