Wednesday, June 21, 2006

David Crowder Band Concert

David Crowder Band Concert, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
I would be remiss if I didn't blog about this concert and the fun times we had together tonight. Although we traveled in two automobiles, I feel confident good conversation took place in both.

A group of about a dozen of us took a road trip to wheeling this evening to enjoy a David Crowder band Concert. Tonight was just a fun experience being together, enjoying good music, and great friends.

The band really impressed me with their genuine love for God and for the people in the small venue in Wheeling.

We enjoyed some delicious Di Carlo's pizza and conversation after the concert, and I truly rejoice that I was able to spend the evening with such quality people.

In fact, I found myself thinking about our community in Morgantown a lot. There is something special about this community. Although I enjoyed worshiping with many people, including my former roommate Jimmy Shreeves and his wife, I found myself thinking about our community, and our worship together being among the sweetest.

David Crowder was great, but I found myself thinking about how much I enjoy praising God with our worship leader Cameron King and our community back in morgantown.

There are definitely moments where in the midst of our devotion to God, He rends the heavens and heaven and earth touch in the center of our hearts as we give all of our heart, soul, mind and strength to the honor of King Jesus as a community.

I find myself desiring more and more of this in my life and the life of our community. What a fun group of people to spend time with.

My freshman year, I went to a hip hop concert in a similar venue. The two events were so far from each other when I consider what was glorified at each. It is truly wild to think what God is doing in and through our community as we seek His face together.

And we trade in our past at the cross for new life in Him. I want more of that new life manifest in my own.

Have you ever contemplated the reality that where the people of God are gathered on the earth is a place where the reality of the Kingdom of God becomes manifest? How does that affect your life and your worship?

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