Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dinner Time

Seems like during the time since I nearly stepped on that snake, I've been on the go in some way all week. It is amazing all of the wonderful opportunities that come down the pike for us to enjoy. Today I was in class, in conversation, planning, reflecting, rock climbing, and then I had a wonderful dinner at a couple of new-found friends' summer home.

There is something amazing about slowing down to enjoy a meal together. It seems like such a foreign concept in our busy, fast paced world. We don't take time to savor much of anything--like a meal. Many of the meals I enjoy with others end up in a restaurant or something like that. And that seems the norm.

What is really fascinating is that if we take time to slow down and enjoy a meal in a home, we seem to be able to savor the time better. We enjoy hospitality. We save money. We share more.

This week, has afforded me many opportunities to enjoy meals in solitude and in company of friends. I have enjoyed them in my home, other's homes, and in restaurants. Sometimes I wonder if Jesus enjoyed meals like I do. I just love those events that connect us and bring us closer together--nothing does that better than a meal. So, of course, Jesus probably enjoyed these times even more than me.

The next meal you have, take time to savor the food, the friends, and the conversations that make it special and unique.

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