Monday, June 05, 2006

18.2 Miles

That's how far I rode my bicycle today. My friend Josh Drake talked me into going for a bike ride with him around Mount Morris, PA. As we started off, I realized that my seat was about four inches low, but I didn't let it discourage me. Josh rides for the cycling team. I don't. But my goal riding wasn't so much to keep up as it was to keep on the bike. I plan to move my seat next time we ride, and I plan to be able to go at it a little more too.

18.2 miles. What was I thinking? I am praying that tomorrow as I walk to class I don't have sore legs. The longest ride I have taken up to now on my bike is about 4.5 miles. But I do a nine mile loop every time I ride out to the church for meetings (when it isn't raining, and I am not in a rush).

I feel like being in Morgantown is going to be a great thing for me both physically and spiritually. It will probably be good mentally and emotionally too. For the first summer since 2001, I will be in town. For the first summer since I bought a home--I will also be in town. I think it will be good to establish roots.

I think it will also be good to down some NSAIDs before I go to bed tonight. Maybe some Naproxen Sodium, or vitamin I.

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