Monday, June 19, 2006

Pittsburgh and the Monongahela

I've been thinking a lot about my heritage lately. I've also been thinking about history. Pittsburgh was one of those centers in which Indians and Europeans would gather for trade and treaty. it's hard to believe that after a couple hundred years the city has developed so much.

The monongahela river runs from morgantown to pittsburgh. I can't help but reflect on all that the banks of that river have seen. All of the families playing. All of the businesses being built on the water. All of the people making the journey down the river to pittsburgh to trade or to find a place to make it.

And I took this picture standing on Mount Washington. I wonder what it felt like to come to this mountain ridge, look down upon the town making its humble beginnings here, and thinking about the past.

As I look down on it, I can't help but think about the trees that once stood in place of the skyscrapers, and how the people of the past probably saw those trees as being semi-permanent, the same way we view the skyscrapers.

At least the river still flows . . .

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