Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ifs and ands

Here I am after about of week of not writing just thinking about all of the entries i had hoped to make. So much happening in and around my world, and yet I have had very little time to talk about it all. Rather than lament the ifs and ands of life, I am just going to give a brief update of the last few days.

Tuesday night I had some folks over from my class to watch a movie for class. It was really cool. My professor came also and brought her son (he is starting college in the fall). It was just nice to watch a movie and discuss the movie. It has also been cool to be here in Morgantown in the place this summer.

Wednesday was a long day of meetings and planning for the future look and shape of h2o. I also was able to eat some mulberries. I love those things.

Thursday consisted of an ironically relaxing day. I got up at seven, went to class at nine, had a lunch get together, went rock climbing, enjoyed a cup of starbucks, and then proceeded to the grocery store with a few friends, had a delicious meal, and enjoyed watching storm clouds roll in as we all laid on the ground looking up at the sky. We had a fire in my chimineya and blankets on the ground, and it was just a beautiful way to end the day.

Friday--I woke up at 6AM and baked two loaves of bread. Then I went to class for the last time this summer. After class I began prepping for a trip to Cincinnati via columbus. I made fry bread until 1:30AM with my best friend in the whole world and his wife.

Saturday--I woke up @6AM and began cooking fry bread for breakfast for people and taught Christian and Emalee (Willie's children) how to make fry bread. We drove to cincinnati, and I was able to meet my friend karen, and a number of people from her church to discuss a cafe in Morgantown. I then commenced the return trip (with a short side-trip to a pow-wow), and made it home around 11PM.

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cameron king said...

Sounds like a great week, man. Looking forward to working with ya the next few weeks.