Friday, October 03, 2008

Don't Waste Your Life

It was a few years ago that I heard this message from John Piper, but this morning I saw someone reading a book he wrote with the same title.  He actually gave away 20,000 copies of the book to anybody who would read it because he was so thoroughly concerned that people would waste their lives on triviality.  As I watched this video, I began weeping, because in my heart I know how hard it is to resist the enticements of this world.

So last night in my CANVASgroup (that's our word for a small group in our college and career ministry), we started reading the book of James.  I don't know how familiar you are with this book, but I suggest giving it a read.  (It's actually part of a larger book called the Bible--great book, and amazing Author!)

Anyway, we were reading the first chapter last night, and it kind of related to the video.  You know, it's really easy to have priorities that are centered in the wrong place.  So much of our efforts in America deal with increasing our level of comfort, accumulating wealth, and acquiring more and more stuff.  Money, comfort, and stuff aren't necessarily bad things.  What's bad is when we center our lives on the pursuit of these things.  It's downright scary actually!

I mean as I think about my own life, I just feel like sometimes I can get kind of numb, and go on autopilot when it comes to the lifestyle I live and the way I steward my resources.  It's kind of like I'm on a lazy river, or a down escalator, and unless I am actively striving to go the opposite direction, I will just drift.

I guess as I think about it more and more, I don't want to be thinking about how I use my time, talents, and resources from an eternal perspective.  One hundred years from now, those investments will be the ones paying dividends, and from what I have read, there's a lot more security in that market than any in the world today.

I don't know if you ever feel the pressure to give time, effort, and energy to bigger houses, nicer cars, and really nice clothes, but I do.  I feel those pressures, not directly, but in the escalator way I mentioned.  I really have to fight against the natural drift.

May you consider this weekend, your resources, the great gifts you have received from God, and how you can best use those things for His glory.  May they be tools and not idols in your life, and may you be transformed.  Hope you like the video too!

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