Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Painting and Connecting

On Top of Bickle Knob, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
This photo was taken of my dad after he hiked and biked to the summit of Bickle Knob on labor day weekend. He was all smiles after a pretty exhausting climb.

Speaking of labor day, this past weekend me, my dad, and my friends willie, derek, curtis, and josh all put some serious labor into painting his house. And dad was all smiles again!

It was awesome because my dad had been a little concerned about painting the house by himself and possibly falling from the roof or getting hurt. He was also a little worried about having the time and energy to put into the painting work.

Enter our work crew. We drove from Morgantown and Columbus, and in a few short hours, we painted virtually the entire exterior of the house.

We also had a great time connecting with each other on Friday night. After powerwashing the house (and getting a lil haircut for me), we ventured out to Mineral Wells where my friend Derek's parents live. We ate some beans and cornbread, and shared some great conversation and laughter.

Most of the crew packed up for Morgantown around noon Saturday morning, but me, my dad, and Willie stuck around and enjoyed the mountaineers on television. It was great to see us get a decisive win after a rough little stint on the road.

The best part was the time spent with my dad. People love spending time with him. And, I think he enjoys spending time with them too.

Take some time to spend time with friends and family--serve one another--love one another. Good words and good medicine for the soul!

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