Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Messages from my iPod

iPod Nano (Red), originally uploaded by JamesBurton.
Over the last several weeks, I've been listening to a lot of podcasts on my iPod. A podcast is a recording that anyone can do--YOU could create a podcast, and these podcasts are made available for free on itunes.

Of course the podcasts I've been listening too have been faith based, and they have come from some great communicators. If you've got a chance, give one or more of 'em a listen. This time, I'm just going to focus on one guy--Francis Chan. He's pastor of a church in Simi Valley, CA, and my good friend Josh Vance pointed him out to me.

I don't have time to put the actual links in this blog entry right now, so I'm just gonna list em off. Search for these in the itunes store, and enjoy.

Francis Chan Cornerstone Simi Audio
This guy is phenomenal. Such a heartfelt and compassionate communicator and very convicting and compelling messages. here are a few of my faves. (I'm resisting the urge to give a description of each)
Lukewarm and Loving It
When Sin Looks More Enjoyable Than God (this is better suited for video--you can download it on itunes as well!)
Why People Hate Church
Is It Wrong to Like Oprah?

I hope you enjoy--and even if you don't have an iPod, you can download and listen to these on itunes for free on your computer too!

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