Monday, September 22, 2008

Bridge Day?

This past weekend, we celebrated "Bridge Day" at Chestnut Ridge Church. Those of you who are West Virginians are probably wondering why we would celebrate Bridge Day so early, and in Morgantown for that matter. Bridge Day is typically associated with parachuting and shutting down the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere which also happens to be located in WV.

Bridge Day at Chestnut Ridge Church was a little different. During the message, Tim Haring shared the story of us and God. He told of how there was once a great relationship between people, and the Creator of the universe, and how sin had separated us from God. He then told of how Jesus came and through His death and resurrection built a bridge between God and humanity. He became human, and entered our world to reconcile us to God.

At the end of each worship gathering (CRC has three of em), people were given an opportunity to walk across "the bridge" if they wanted to. Some folks walked across the bridge as a physical symbol of the commitment they made during the service. Some walked across to remember and worship the God who built a bridge between us and Him. Some folks walked across as a symbol of a renewed dedication to the God of heaven and earth.

I shot this video on my busted camera (for those who haven't seen my camera--it's being held together with tape--but I take a lot of photo's with it).

I shot this video, because it really touched me as I watched hundreds of people walk across the stage. While it is encouraging to experience worship with such a large group, there's something powerful that happens when you see so many people stepping out of their comfort zones and doing something as simple as walking across a bridge. If you could have seen the reverence and experienced the sacredness of the moment you would be able to better understand--I just can't fully articulate it.

But maybe the video will say what I can't. Maybe looking at the long line that formed to walk across the stage will communicate something that I can't put to words. After all, if I could say it with words alone, I probably wouldn't have to include the video.

I pray you would find time to worship the One who built The Eternal Bridge, and make Him the center of your life!

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